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Shower drain tie in

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how do I insert a y-pipe into fixed horizontal drain pipe?
If I cut to much it won't fit tight,
if I don't cut enough I can't get it in.
Can I use a rubber sleeve with two clamps? It will be under the cement when all is done. Will the rubber be ok underground?


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Hello. It's a 2" pipe, 2" by 2" by 2". It's also not a "T" it's a "Y pipe" it slopes one way to get the water flowing that way it's just a bad angled pic.
The y-pipe is legal not the tee pipe correct.
Your pipe appears legal, but the tee is not- needs to be a wye. Glue short pieces in each end. Measure this new length and cut it into the pipe.
Roll the wye up above the center line of the drain pipe.

Use shielded couplings to make the connections.
To do this, slide the bands on the cut pipe- both ends. Then put on the rubber piece and roll the end that faces the fitting back on to of itself. Drop in the fitting with stubs and unroll the rubber. Slide the bands into position and tighten to 60 inch pounds
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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