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Shower drain fix: advice please

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Just ripped out a drainpan and nicked the drain pipe pretty good. (not sure it was reusable anyway. The dreamline model pan calls for a mortar pour... so I have two concerns. Please correct me if wrong.
1) I will have to cut the PVC maybe a foot down and add a foot back using a new 3" pipe and a coupling fitting... and the Purple PVC compound? Then dry fit the pan and cut it to size?

2) The floor seems to be (probably) particle board sitting on a fire retardant Gypsum board. I might be able to patch the pipe with out cutting into the floor, my tools are limited. Then there is the mortar pour too. I want the floor pan to be solid ( I am @275 lbs.)

IF I have to cut part of the floor out, the Web Joists are actually pretty close to the hole (@12" apart)
I could try to cut the floor to 1/2 of the width of the web joists on each side.... (@13" x 12"-16")

To repair it I might add a kind of 1 sided sister joist (adding 2" x 8" boards with wood screws to the joist to give the new patch more area to support it.

I could add more support by adding 2 cross connect with using web joist hangars on the other two edges of the hole.

Then fitting more gypsum board and particle board.

A little filler if there are gaps then pour the mortar directly on the particle board. (per mfg.)

Does this sound like a good plan?

I have attached pictures.



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