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shower door hinge pivot fix help

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Hi trying to help a girl I know with an old plastic shower door problem. Her door is sagging and won't close. Upon viewing it looks like the bottom pivot is broken (looks like a metal pivot with plastic/nylon insert. The shower is an 80's cheapo shower (plastic walls, base, glass doors/glass surround).

Until they have enough to fix it correctly by replacing it, I'd love to fix this issue for her. From what I can understand, I'd have to have a scrape or cut the old silicone under the metal, remove the door, and lift the base that is covering the pivot block (not sure how that is secured). Replace and silicone. But I am unsure if this is correct or not. If anyone has done this could they chime in? Thanks David Trying to get a picture of the entire door.


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Ayuh,.... Take the door Off, 'n hang a $3.00 shower curtain across it,....
Lol that's funny but it's also a really good point.... much cheaper than a new pivot door anyways!
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