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Should I vapor barrier

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I am just finishing insulating a 400sqft room with three exterior walls in my old farm house located in norther Illinois.

Should I use a vapor barrier prior to drywall? If so 2/4/or6 mil?

Thanks in advance, DJ
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Jay, Did you use a faced insulation? If you did --that's enough vapor barrier for this area.

Further north (Canada) a full plastic vapor barrier is expected.

There are a couple of members with more knowledge on this. Code allows faced insulation as a vapor barrier in Kane and DuPage county--not sure about Will county,but I'll bet it's the same.---Mike---
Yup, I used faced. I was wondering bout that but the kraft face says on it not to be used as a vapor barrier. I'm gonna guess that Kendall CO is probably similar to DuPage/Kane.

Thanks for the quick reply. DJ
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