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Should I tile all?

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In my basement I am doing a full kitchen \ bar area that is going to be tile floor. My question is do I tile the whole area and then do my cabinets or do I put my cabinets in and then tile up to the cabinets? If I didn't tile under the cabinets and stove, then that would save me some money on tile, but would it look right and also, wouldn't my dishwasher be tight in getting it in and out, since the floor under the counter tops wouldn't be as high as the tiled floor. Attached is the area. I have put a red line where the cabinets will be on two walls. I also plan on installing base cabinets on the bar area as well. Thanks.


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I like to tile first----It's faster (fewer cuts) safer --no chance of messing up the new cabinets and toe kicks--

And puts the cabinets at the right height for the appliances.

It's not necessary to tile the whole area under the cabinets---you could stop with a full tile as long as the cabinet boxes cover the void.

That is the easy and fast way--the extra tile used is nothing compared to the time saved and the overall quality of the finished work.----Mike----
Exactly what Mike said.:thumbsup:

Thanks guys! That is what I will do.
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