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Honest answer from me .... no idea.
Would I tape the joint?, Yes and would not even think twice about it.

I wish more people knew about plaster, it seems like a lost art sometimes.
I am still new to it and learning more all the time. I would like to read more about it.

Last week I was working on a fireplace insert, it had a gas fireplace already, Was a new smaller unit going in and whole wall needed work.

The bonco was made of plywood covered with cement board and 12" pink tiles.
Took about 1 hour to remove the tiles with a hammer and chisel, this left a crappy looking banco with concrete board and stuck thinset. I took the claw of my hammer and cut back the corners and edges about 1" of the cement board. I wanted rounded and soft corners.
I then mixed a 1/2 a bucket of plaster with some hot mud tossed in. Did the first coat and looked pretty good.
Second coat, I mixed almost 50 / 50 hot mud and plaster, within 20 min was splashing water on it and trowelling smooth ... Looks frigging gorgeous and the home owner loves it.
Two coats from a fugged up surface for ready to paint.
Thumbs up to you for using plaster, is just so many tricks to use it for, has such a nice finished look. It has such a strong body to it, you can bury the neighbours cat in the first coat. I love the stuff and wish more people used it.

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Aluminum corners = $$$ too bad he only had a 1 gallon can to set the camera on, I'd rather watch his work.... than him. Nice adjustments to get "level" (rather than plumb) with the 16' level. That little tap for sure put the bubble centered better between lines in the bigger level, lol. I give him credit, he was a good shot. Though with that much to add, why not wheel the mud supply closer to the wall, save a block of walking, never-mind, he's hourly... Thanks for sharing! It's like watching old house remodel shows on TV, always a laugh.

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