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I don’t need to backfill the area prior to jacking up the floor. A few shoring jacks some lumber and wah-la. I can skip that question. Now the topic is, the kitchen of this house is supported on one side by a concrete knee wall topped with a sill plate and the other side has a ledger board attached to the basement wall with 5/16 wedge anchors, on 30” centers staggered over the length of the board. There are joists 16” OC spanning 12’ on top of the sill and ledger board. There is a rim joist nailed to the floor joists at the knee wall end but there isn’t any blocking at the ledger end for the joists. Additionally, at the point where two sections of ledger board meet the builder cut a 40” opening in the basement wall for plumbing HVAC, etc. Since then the ledger has sagged because of the floor load at that point. I want to repair the structure.
If I sister the ledger board span issue created by the opening in the basement wall and install additional supports such as angle iron on either side of the sistered joint maybe attach the angle iron with 3/8” x 3 cement anchors—would this be enough to support the floor above?
If I add solid blocking to the joists at the ledger board end of the span would this satisfy code and prevent joist rotation?
Should I install more anchors into the existing ledger board?
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