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OK, been getting great help with other duct issues. This area I'm redoing the ceiling as we had a leak. Ducts were sweating but we turned off the AC and it's nice and dry. Pulled all the ceiling down to drywall better. Found some white mold that I cleaned off.

First pic is the ducts in this room. Should any of the joints be sealed somehow? Tape or mastic? I know this is a small section of what's in the house, but since I have access I could do it.

Second and third pic are an ~8' section of duct. It's not connected to anything, but I can see there used to be a register upstairs that has been sealed off (master bath up there was redone at some point). I tried to take a pic of the end. Can't tell if there's a cap or just foil tape over it. Can I take it off further back by the main duct? Something like this:



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