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Should I Pitch A Bluestone Tread on the Top of a Retaining Wall?

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Springtime project, jazzing up my cinder block retaining wall in which I've painted. I'm thinking about using Bluestone treads, 1 foot by 5 foot long, by 1/2" or 2" on top of the cinder blocks.
3 questions...

1. Should I be putting a slight downward pitch on the treads so rainwater can shed off? (standing in front of the wall, the treads would be pitched towards you" If so, about how much, I'm thinking 1/8"-1/4" rise. I haven't heard of if bluestone will have erosion issues over time.

2. When installing, what kind of mortar or cement should I use?

3. Any recommendations on saw blades to make crosscuts on the treads?

I'm in New England.

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A 1/8 per foot pitch is good.

As far as I know bluestone has no erosion problems.
Regular mortar (dyed to your choice) will work.

A 7.25 in Diamond wet-saw, is a great stone cutting machine for these.

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A wet saw is nice, but an expensive purchase you may only need once. You can rent a wet saw as an option. Alternatively, you can cut bluestone pretty well with a dry diamond saw blade that fits into a standard circular saw. I know this because I have done it. If the bluestone is thick, you can cut about 1/4 through on either side, crack it off, and grind the edge as an option. Should you do this dry, MAKE SURE you wear a NIOSH approved mask, the stone dust is very hazardous.
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