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Im looking at installing brazilian walnut flooring from lumber liquidators

I have an existing 3/4" pine floor. The floor is sound and solid, but its obviously a soft wood therefore im looking to replace it. (its finish is worn and it splinters)

Is it ok to install 5/16" brazilian walnut over the existing 3/4" pine?

The width of the existing floor is 2-1/4" and the 5/16" bw is 2-1/4" as well. Are there any issues installing the same direction as the 3/4" pine existing floor?

I could remove the existing pine and install new 3/4" but its going to be expensive.

Will I be sorry I didnt spend the extra money for the 3/4"?

Once installed, are there any differences between 5/16" over the existing 3/4" vs removing existing 3/4" pine and installing new 3/4"? I understand looking at it, you wont notice any differences but are there any durability differences or will you notice a difference walking on it?
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