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Should all windows match?

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My husband and I are renovating a circa 1935 house. We are keeping and restoring almost all of the original windows. One exception to this is a window in the bump-out in the kitchen that was added at some point. We are replacing this window with a window of a similar style to the rest of the windows in the kitchen. In this bump-out we are putting a small 2-person breakfast nook that will be finished wood seating. My husband feels that the large window in this bump-out needs to have finished wood interior to match the seating in the bump-out. I think it will look bad to have one window in a room that doesn't match the others. The other windows in the kitchen will have a black painted interior. Any thoughts on this? Thank you.
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Hi, Normally I prefer to match all windows and trim as well, however, this is a special space. Because of the bump-out nook, I do think painting the window to match the seating could work well and help define that space.
Thank you DonnaPal. It is nice to have another opinion.
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