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Shirwin Williams Primer Takes A Long Time To Dry And Peeling

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A couple years ago I painted some of the window frames on my house. I scraped off all the old loose paint taking much of it down to bare wood. Then I sanded and primed with Sherwin Williams exterior oil based primer. The primer took an abnormally long time to try, a few days before it was totally dry to the touch. I gave it about two weeks before painting with Sherwin Williams exterior paint, a white Semi-Gloss. Now half of one of those window frames has the paint coming off in sheets. Everything else is fine, just that one half a frame has the paint peeling badly.
Should I do anything special or just scrape, sand, prime and paint?
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All the Alkyd/Oils sold on the east coast are low VOC and will take a LONG time to dry/cure.

Basically all the drying solvents have been reduced to meet current clean air standards. Two weeks is not unheard of.

You did everything right but unfortunately moisture will win. Once you have a peeling problem it is very tough to solve, especially windows.

If it were me next time I would use an acrylic bonding primer and and acrylic topcoat. An all acrylic system will allow the wood to breathe and let the moisture escape without peeling.
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