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Shirwin Williams Primer Takes A Long Time To Dry And Peeling

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A couple years ago I painted some of the window frames on my house. I scraped off all the old loose paint taking much of it down to bare wood. Then I sanded and primed with Sherwin Williams exterior oil based primer. The primer took an abnormally long time to try, a few days before it was totally dry to the touch. I gave it about two weeks before painting with Sherwin Williams exterior paint, a white Semi-Gloss. Now half of one of those window frames has the paint coming off in sheets. Everything else is fine, just that one half a frame has the paint peeling badly.
Should I do anything special or just scrape, sand, prime and paint?
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It's been a long time so I could be wrong. I believe I gave it a few hot sunny days to dry out before I primed it. It's strange that it seems to be just this one piece of wood. Their are other spots coming off but that is due to the old paint I painted over failing. Those are little flecks though, this is whole sheets of paint coming off.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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