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I'm back again.
So, we moved into a house built in about 1905. And the entire house is shiplap, obviously.
Now, of course, my husband loves the bare, stained shiplap walls. Problem is, the previous owners painted 'test patches' of ugly brown paint in various shades everywhere. As well as the fact we have 10ft ceilings and it looks like the ceilings where lowered in 1970, then ripped out again about 5 years ago. So, the stained look misses the ceiling by 2ft all the way around.

I would love to keep the boarded look on the walls, as well as keep all the original trim work and moulding, in the main living area. What should I use to fill in the spaces between the planks?Or is it better to take a tiny brush and paint between those without filling?

But, in the bedrooms I'd like to sheetrock. I'm assuming this requires removal of all trim? Should I remove the 6 layers of wallpaper as well, or just sheetrock over?

Thanks guys!

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There are non-toxic stripping agents like citristrip, you can get at lowes/home depot and they seem to do pretty well. Maybe you could just strip and sand down to a nice bare natural look.

This stuff works! I pick up various furniture pieces at garage sales or stuff folks throw out to be picked up by the trash man. When I need to strip something I tried quite a few but the CitriStrip stuff worked the best with the least amount of smell and toxic stuff. You will still need to wear gloves and eye protection. It also takes a couple of times to completly get everything off. What I like is you can leave it on for 24 hours + to really work on the material!
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