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Shingle to corrugated roof transition help needed!!!

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I have installed a polycarb corrugated roof over my deck. My problem is the fact that the house roofing (dimensional shingles) overlaps directly onto the roof. The deck roof is a slightly flatter pitch than the house roof. I have issues when the wind blows rain back up between the two roofing types. I have closure strips installed back underneath the shingles against the house sheathing. It does not seem to matter. The shingles overlap the corrugated deck roofing by 4-5 inches. Is this enough? Should I move the closure strips to the edge of the shingles & seal? Or would it be wiser to use some flashing in order to extend the house roofing further over the deck roofing? If it is the latter; should I use closure strips & seal there? This is my first time dealing with this particular problem; so I want to make sure I tackle the issue correctly before starting. Thanks!
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They sell transition pieces that are profiled on the edges. Wherever you bought the corrugated material will be either have some in stock or be able to special order if for you.
Online and home improvement stores are not going to be able to help you out. You need to go to a professional supplier in your area. They will have a catalog at the front desk so that you can pick out something that will work for your situation. You might want to bring in a sample of the corrugated roofing so that they can order the proper transition. Again, this is something that you will only find at a professional lumberyard or roofing supplier, not at a big box store and probably not easily online. You should also know the slope of the roofs so that it can be ordered to fit your slopes.
Spraying great stuff under the shingles is never going to work. Ed thought you already had the transition pieces and that is why he was recommending great stuff and closure strips.
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