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Not knowing for curtain, but it is my understanding and I may be wrong, but, if the structure has no permanent foundation, as yours does not, and its not connected to the house, then why would it need a permit, as it would be classified as a temporary or movable structure. Just like all the other sheds in your photos.

Not sure about his region, but where I live, a permit is required for any structure that is either attached to your house, has a permanent foundation/floor (garage) or if it is larger than 107 square feet (so a 8x12 shed requires no permit, but a 9x12 and larger does). They say this is because once it's over 107 square feet, it is not deemed "easily movable" if the city ever needed access to the ground below for lines, etc.

I'm surprised by the 10 feet required from the side property (even for a fire hazard). I can see it if it's for a right of way for city access to power lines, cables, etc. When I built my garage, I had to stay 10 feet off the back property line because that's the right of way for the block's gas lines, power lines and cable/telephone lines.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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