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Shed Slab Question

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I want to build a 10x12 shed like a house for a mini-gym (2x6 framing, insulated, gypsum, flooring, etc).

Is a 4" (3.5" actual) at 3000 psi with 3/8 rebar good enough?
Do I need some compacted gravel at the bottom? Or thicker 6" (5.5" actual) better?

I'm in California, my dirt quality is here:

The location photo is attached below.


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I building an 8x10 and have been researching the issue for my own NC location. Everything I read says that a 4" slab is typically adequate for up to 1500 square feet. Given that you're using a heavier wall structure, footing will be a good idea.

Also, since you've talked about potential use as a weight room, that might push you to a slightly thicker floor.

Regarding the gravel, everything I've read says that you should always install a gravel bed under a remote slab.

When it comes to concrete, though, I'm a net-reading novice. More knowledgeable folks will come along and chime in soon enough.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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