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Shed Roof

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Curious if there's a cleverly simple roof framing design for sheds. We don't want the typical slanted shed roof style, we want a standard roof, slight pitch, with gables.

Building a 12 x 12 shed, and was thinking of using 2 x 4's and scraps of OSB to make little trusses.

Wasn't sure if there's a better way to build it. I could go with common rafters, I know how to do them, but I was hoping for an easier quicker method.
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When you get the floor done draw out your trusses and build them right there before you build walls.
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Ha ha, yes I'm definitely selfish like that.

Yeah, I guess trusses are the way to go. The shed displays at home depot surprised me - not even a rafter tie/ceiling joist, just two pieces of lumber cut at a slight pitch with a chunk of OSB as a nailing plate. Not sure how the walls don't bow out over time on those.
They do bow out, the longer the shed the more they bow. :wink2:
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