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Shed roof

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I am in the planning phases on an addition and have some questions about the roof. It is approximately 5'x' in size and is a shed roof. It will abutt an existing brick wall both on two sides, along the back and along one of the sides. The architect is calling for a 2/12 slope. I have a couple of questions as I will be doing the install myself.

1) I have checked and it seems as though there are asphalt shingles approved for a 2/12 slope. I understand this is a low slope, is there anything I can/should do to ensure a quality install that will last?

2) What type of flashing and method is used where the roof attaches to the house in the back?

3) I know that along the side where the roof abutts the house, step flashing is used. This is a two part system, correct? Step flashing is installed with the singles and then counter flashing is installed over the step flashing, right?

4) The side opposite the step flashing runs right along the property line and is above my nieghbor's landing. I'd like to minimize the amount of water that drops from my roof down to his. Is there some form of drip edge or other flashing that can be installed, rather than allowing the shingles to just run over the edge?

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I have been researching this same topic. It seems that there are two ways of doing it. One being to take a diamond blade on a grinder and cut a narrow slit in the existing brick and install what is called a reglet. This is how they transition from a parapet to the roof in those applications. Anyway, you then bend some flashing on a break so that about one inch actually embeds in that groove that you cut. You then seal the top of that joint with a bead of good roofing cement. I am still trying to figure out a few details like do I need to set this flashing in mortar in that slit and do I counter flash.

The other way they do it is to just laminate the flashing directly to the brick without cutting that channel and ducking the drip edge in there.
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