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Shed roof.

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Due to locsal codes the only place in my yard to build a shed is under my deck.

I want to put a 10 X 12 shed under there but the only problem I have is the roof. I will put a flat one on it with enough pitch to let rain water run off. But the question is how do I cover the wood I will be using for the roof. It will be very close to the underside of the deck and I will not be able to physically get in there to nail shingles on the roof.

Any ideas.
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Metal roof

I would put a metal roof on it. They are made for low slope roofs, last 30 years and are light in weight. You don't need decking for a metal roof. Build your framing and then put 2x4 purlins every 2' to screw the metal panels to.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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