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Shed roof.

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Due to locsal codes the only place in my yard to build a shed is under my deck.

I want to put a 10 X 12 shed under there but the only problem I have is the roof. I will put a flat one on it with enough pitch to let rain water run off. But the question is how do I cover the wood I will be using for the roof. It will be very close to the underside of the deck and I will not be able to physically get in there to nail shingles on the roof.

Any ideas.
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No beams in the way. A roof could fit flat up under the deck beams.

The deck is about 10 feet high and I only want the shed to be about 8 feet high.

How would I build it on the ground. The shed will be a bout 10 x 12 thats a pretty big piece to pick up.

And if I built it on the ground I would frame it out, put the plywood on it then tar paper and shingles?
How would I finish off the edges of the wood. A piece of plastic u channel.

Any Ideas.
If I use a metal roof or a shingle roof how do I finish off the edges.
Well guys I am ready to do the roof tomorrow. I am going to try the hinge swing thing. I am going to frame out the wall up against the house, support it. Then add the hinges about 4 to the studs and then frame the roof to the hinges. Once it is all done I will get my floor jack with different lengths of 2x4 's and jack it up. The 2x4's will go from the jack to the roof to lift it. Once it is where I want it I will put supports under it and build the walls.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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