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Shed roof

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I am building a shed 6ft deep by 16 ft in length. I'm in the process of building the roof up. I'm thinking of building roof truss out of 2 by 4's @16 OC. Will a ridge board roof type be better? Also is 1/2 OSB sufficient for the roof covering. Any suggestions are welcome.

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I would never use OSB on a roof, though many people do. If you get a leak, it turns to mush far more than plywood. Use 5/8", too. You can also put metal roofing on 2x4's with lots of blocking and no sheathing. On a 6' span, do whatever you want to, unless you are in a place that has 20' of snow a year.
Thanks, that's why I'm asking, I will definitely go with the 5/8 plywood.
Sheds really don't need 5/8" plywood at 16" spans. OSB glues are far more advanced these days, and's a shed.

Save yourself the $$, buy 1/2" OSB...
our price is about $1 a sheet diff. i have not purchased osb for a few years, but folks i talk to say it is better, but still not plywood. 5/8 ply holds nails and screws better than 1/2. it's a shed, but still i'd do it right. that's my opinion.
Okay, here it's $8 a sheet difference, OSB/Plywood. I just want to do it right:thumbsup:
I hear your arguments for 5/8" plywood. I spec it on all the jobs I do (mostly commercial). But 1/2" osb is plenty good for any shed. The majority of homes are built with it today and it holds up just fine. At $8 a sheet difference, you're probably looking at at least 4-6 sheets i'd guess, making for a $32-$48 difference. If it were my shed, I'd buy the 1/2" osb and take me fiance out to dinner.
Shed Fascia board??

Hi everyone,

I have built my shed and getting ready for the roof section and need some help. I built trusses and now I am getting ready to plywood the roof. My question is, do I install the plywood to the end of the rafters?

Also, what can I use at the end of the rafters? 2 X 4, 2 X 6? My rafters are 2 X 4. Help on finishing the end of the rafters is greatly appreciated, I'm new to this.

See attached photos.

Thanks everyone for all the Great tips:thumbsup:


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You can attach a plate (2x4 or 2x6 or bigger if you want) to cover the end of the rafters. Put this plate on before you put the plywood on but use a block to make sure you are aligned with the top of the rafter. This block will keep rodents from entering in the rafter bays, give you a solid surface for gutter attachment (if you want one), or just give you a trimmed out roof.

If you want ventilation then put intermittent blocking behind you fascia board so when you attach it to the shed face there is an air space behind the fascia up into the rafter bay. You have to put a rodent proof barrier in this space.
AG :thumbsup: Thanks :thumbsup:. Does this 2 by have to be pt or just regular? Also, do I prime and paint the wood so it won't rot? Will the drip edge cover it? Yes I will be putting a gutter.

Alot of personal preferences there.

It can be P.T. or regular, Painted or covered, and no the drip edge won't cover the fascia.

From the looks of it you will be siding the shed. Do you plan on trimming in aluminum? If so, I'd go with a PT fascia and cover with aluminum. The aluminum cover should tuck up behind the drip edge down leg and either extend below the fascia board or wrap around it.

here's an aluminum finished rake (fascia would look the same). See how it tucks under the drip edge and angles back under the board:
AG, yes I'm planing on matching the house with vinyl siding. Hmmm, wrapping it in aluminum won't I need a tool called a brake? Is there other alternatives or is there a way I can purchase the aluminum bended already, lol.


So, please correct me if I'm wrong:
1) install fascia board
2) install roof plywood
3) drip edge
4) felt paper
5) shingles

Also, what size of nails should I use for the shingles? I have 3/4 ply.

Thanks so much.
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The do make pre-bent fascia trim. Check with your supplier before you buy the fascia board to ensure the two work together size wise.

You're installation order is correct.

1-1/4" roofing nails.
AG, does this make any sense??

You can cover them with2x6's. Just drop the top edge down enough so that when you start sheeting your roof the roof sheeting can cover the top of the 2x6.

In other words he is telling me to cover the top of the 2 by 6 with the roofing plywood?
Yes, once the roof sheathing is installed it should cover all framing. you can overhang the plywood 1/4" around all sides. The 2x6 fascia should be underneath the roof sheathing.

When you install the fascia and rake boards use a piece of scrap to align it with the rafters so that the plywood will sit on top correctly.
Okay, but do I nail the edge of the roof sheeting to the top of the fascia board or just let it sit under it tightly?

Also what should I use for the rake boards??

Thanks, and sorry for all the questions, I'm new to this.
Yes, nail to the fascia board. You can use the same size board and cover as your using on the fascia for the rake. That way they will match. You don't necessarily need to vent this part if you are going to choose for ventilating the fascias.
AG, 1 1/4 nails on a 3/4 ply for the shingles? Won't they come out underneath the ply?
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