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Shed Roof Truss

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I am building a 12 by 8 shed... The actual shed will be 12 by 80 with a small porch on the front.

What I have been struggling with is the roof truss' Can anyone provide some advice on the roof truss'?

Since I have will have an overhang in the front of 19 inches (the framing is actually 8 foot 3 inches) I have been unable to find any examples for the truss' I would like to have some storage space above...

I thought I could build the outside truss' as a complete triangle and the middle 2 without the bottom 2 by... (?)

Tonight, I cut 2 2x4's @ a 26.5 angle and matched them together.. I then took another 2x4 which was cut to 9 foot 3 inches (1 foot overhang on the back) and determined where I should cut the other 2 2x4's..

I am an experienced diy'er but have never worked on a roof before

I plan on building the walls @ 7 foot high... Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!


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I'd bring the plans to the local lumberyard and have them order the trusses you need. I don't see any truss engineering experience in your post.
Thanks for responding Ron.. your right, I dont' have any truss building experience.. However, I don't think that would prevent me from building them. I just need to figure out the proper way to go about it.

I did check with a lumber yard and the cose was $550 for 7 trusses. The guy @ the lumber yard told me that I should be able to build them myself. Just need a little help with the plans.

Thanks again!
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