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Shed Roof Fascia and Framing Question

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Ok, you guys have been invaluable in this process. Here's another question...or two.

I plan to build a simple shed style roof over my deck. I plan to use 2x8 rafters and a double 2x8 beam across the front. The ledger will also be a 2x8.

So here's the question(s): The broad side on the front I'll box in with Fascia on the rafter tails. But on the outsides should I just have the rafter flush with the outside edge of the 6x6 post? Is that all there is to it, or should I clean it up by adding fascia to this too?

My assumption is that I'll have to add fascia and let it go about 1" inch below the edge of the 2x8 on the end so that when I add the ceiling plywood the edges of the plywood will be hidden.

Is that how to do it?

Another question is this: If I have a double 2x8 rafter on each end and a double 2x8 in the center along with the other 2x8's 16" OC will that help prevent sagging? Or will that just add weight to the beam without adding strength? The span will be 14 feet.
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How are you finishing your fascia? (exposed, wrapped, azek...?) Either way, you could just run the rafter flush with the post, or add an overhang.

What is the length of your rafters? WIth the 14' span the double 2*8 might be a little light, especially if you are in a snowy area.

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I'm not sure what the different finishing types are that you mention. Any place that I can look them up to learn?

My thought was that on the sides I could make sure the outside rafter is flush with the end of the beam out front. Then wrap the entire structure with 2x4 at the upper edge of the beam and side rafters. Then below the 2x4 add 2x6 fascia. That would give me a 1.5" overhang on the outside of the outside rafter and beam out front. Then when I attach the ceiling plywood, the edges of the plywood would be hidden by the 1.5" overhang. I would clean up those outer seams with quarter round.

Structural Engineer I contacted said 2x8 with shingles on top would be fine for my area (no snow).
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