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Sheathing gap in attic

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently having an addition built. By the time I get home from work, the contractor is long gone and it's dark out, so I just look around on the weekend. If I have a concern, I'll give the builder a call.

Should I give him a call about this gap between the sheathing and the roof? It's like this on both sides where the roof peaks. Is this standard practice? If I'm going to ask him about it, I'd like to know the opinions of others in the business. I'm always friendly and professional when if I do have a concern, of course.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.


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Poor workmanship, but will probably be covered by the soffit.
Call your local AHJ and ask them. If in a high-wind area that may not pass inspection. I'd make sure to read/understand the truss papers they should leave with you, for the correct required bracing, per engineer, eg.

Not the kind of work your paying them for, if it was me I'd make them replace it.
Looks like I'll be talking to him about it. Thanks for helping me keep an eye on things.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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