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I am building a backyard shed. There will be a few windows, and I am building doors from the siding cutout pieces also. I am using 4x8 sheets of LP smartside (3/8" similar to osb sheathing).

I need to cut out the windows and doors which will be framed by 2x4's. What's the best way to do this? I have a circular saw and sabre saw but I think with those it will be hard to trim right along the framing.

Searching around I've seen people suggest using a router and a flush trim bit. This would make it easy to follow the framing, but am I asking too much of my (cheap) router to cut a bunch of 3/8" siding?

Thanks for any advice!


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I've always used a skill saw. My dad showed me this trick: Layout you window on the inside drill a hole in each corner and then use a chalk line on the outside and work away with the skill saw. You could use a sawzall but I find that wearks havoc on your fastners.

Hopefully you can still get inside with no windows or doors.:)

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Drill the corners of the opening with a small drill bit from the inside and then just connect the dots on the outside. Your circular saw will work fine, just set the depth to 1/2" or so and use a chisel on the corners.

A router would work but that isn't how it is done by framers. The circular saw works just fine.
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