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Sharkbyte fittings with PEX?

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I'm remodeling my kitchen and found that the piping coming into the house transitions from 3/4 HDPE to 1/2" galvanized. The old galvanized piping is terribly corroded and for simplicity sake I would like to replace it with PEX. Is there a good way to adapt from HDPE to PEX? Is there a Sharkbyte that would work? The spot where the HDPE goes to galvanized is in a very awkward place, that would involve probably tearing out part of a wall (I've already got a big hole in the floor cut out). Any advice would be very welcome. - thanks
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No one?

Hasn't anyone ever tried connecting PEX to HDPE? I'm nervous about using a barbed fitting with hose clamps, they just always seem to leak, so I"m looking for something that is a rock solid connection. - thanks again
My water line from the pump is black plastic. It may be HDPE, or it might be PVC, I really don't know, there is no marking on it. I connected the black pipe to nylon reinforced polyethylene using a barbed plastic fitting and a hose clamp, which has worked fine for 15 years. The nylon reinforced PE is attached to the brass manifold also using a hose clamp, and it has not been a problem for 15 years either. If you use high quality hose and a stainless steel clamp I don't think there should be an issue.
Barbed fittings are good. I like the brass ones so I can easily solder on a valve or fitting.
McDonald makes very good adapters too, Approved and used by a lot of city utility dept. They work very well on poly, just make sure you use the insert.


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