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Shark Vacuum Cleaner Parts Cross Reference?

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Does anyone know how to cross reference a motor for a Shark Vacuum?

I have an older model NV340 Shark Rotator. Motor burned a bearing, and in changing the bearing I stripped the threads on the impeller shaft!

So I need a new motor. There are hundreds of motors for sale on places like FleaBay, but none cross-reference to an NV340. Many motors look similar, but have enough differences (brush arm distance, rubber grommet, etc ) that I'm not sure they'll work.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

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I concur with chandler48.

Amazon has the NV360 for $150.
Thank you for the replies. was no help; nothing for the NV340; they only sell filters and such for the NV350 and other models, but thank you.

I disagree on "less expensive". A motor online is cheap, and takes literally 10 min's to swap. The trick is, finding that motor...

The search continues!
I am all for fixing over replacing when practical.

But in some cases, it begs the question of how cheap is it when time and frustration in just trying to find a part is factored in?

eReplacement and Repair Clinic are pretty good in having repair parts. The fact that these and similar site do not carry a motor for your model vacuum leaves you with two options.

You either take it to an authorized repair center (not even sure Shark has those) or try to find a salvaged motor.

The former will likely cost as much if not more than a new vacuum and the latter could literally take weeks if not months of searching with no guarantee you will find one.

I freely acknowledge it is your time and if you wish to spend it searching for a motor, that is your prerogative.

If you are adamant about keeping the vacuum, you could take the motor to an electro-mechanic specializing in electric motors who might be able to repair it.
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