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Shallow light switch solutions

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I am building a house on the gulf coast of texas and not being from the area was not familiar with the requirements of Windstorm (hurricane) codes. Due to this a wall adjacent to the back door were all the there were supposed to be 3 light switches is nothing but solid 2X4's at the request of the Hurricane inspector, the rest of the wall is pretty much windows so there isn't much option for relocating the switches. Has anyone ran into a similar problem and have any novel ways of dealing with it? If i have to do something that is surface mounted does anyone know of a solution that isn't to ugly? Is there a good wireless solution?
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Assuming the 2x4s can't be notched, you can look into furring out that wall with 2x2s or 2x3s to give room for boxes and wiring.

There are some wireless remote control switch devices out there, but I don't know of any that are both attractive and reliable.

Find out from the inspector if there is any allowance for notching the 2x4s. They make shallow switch boxes, so you may be able to have it hardwired with only a tiny bit of furring and a little notching.

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The size of electrical boxes and the routing of Romex is strictly regulated by Code. You can use conduit instead of Romex to save some on the depth requirements but that will not help on the Box fill requirements. The size of the switch boxes is not governed by the size of the switches but by the number of conductors.

IMO I don't think that you are going to find an acceptable solution for mounting switches on the as designed wall.

  • Conventional wiring not possible
  • Surface mounted wiring too ugly
  • Most wireless switches require a battery in the transmitter
  • Notching any 2x4's will not be approved just by the inspector
I see two possible solutions:

  • Build a false wall to house the switches
  • Re-Engineer the wall to free up space for the wiring
Some possible solutions are:

or maybe just upgrading the sheathing if not already done:

You really need to see the Engineer. Good luck
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