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Basement sewer is hung, so basement bathroom and AC condensate line drain to 18"-diameter sewage ejector pump can. Basement was finished ~20 years ago and sewage pump is likely the original one. A week ago, basement bathroom flooded due to suspected tethered pump float switch failure. Pump started and ran fine when unplugged from float switch piggyback and plugged directly into outlet. Replaced float switch and problem solved...or so I thought.

This morning, another flood. Pump starts and runs fine both when switch is bypassed and in automatic mode during testing. 2" PVC discharge with vertically-installed brass swing check valve and plastic gate valve above it. Check valve still operates with positive clunk when pump turns off.

What gives? Does the pump need to be replaced? Any suggestions? Two failures in a week is two too many. Need to fix for good so I can replace the damaged carpet.
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