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Sewage pump/grinder pit question

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Working on replumbing a 160+ year old house. We're trying to get the waste from a 2nd floor bathroom that previously ran on the outside wall of the house to a separate cesspool than what the rest of the house is attached to, connected to the main line to the septic system that was installed a few years ago.

The general plan is to drop the waste line to the basement (with a box out inside of a room instead of in the wall, unfortunately) and into a sewage pump/grinder pit. There it will be pumped across the basement and tied into the main line.

At least one plumber that I had out before we decided to do ourselves mentioned the possibility of installing the pit above the floor instead of trying to bury it. Mentioned it to the inspector when I walked him through the project and he wasn't against it as long as the manufacture installation directions accounted for such an installation.

Has anyone ever seen or heard of such a pit in use. I'm assuming it would need to be built into a cabinet or otherwise fastened to a wall or other support for stabilization but I think this would be a whole lot easier than trying to break up the concrete in the basement.

Thanks for any suggestions/help.
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Any preferred brands? Looked at Liberty, Little Giant and Zoeller so far I think.

Haven't checked on the septic. Currently is supporting 3 full baths, 2 half baths plus kitchen and laundry. Didn't think one addtional full bath would have much impact (assuming the septic was sized right when put in about 8 years ago). The only thing I know about is that they replaced old clay/terra cotta pipe with 4" PVC from outside house down to a new septic tank that appears to have been set right next to the old cess pool that served that side of the house. Not sure why the former owner put in the new septic tank as there are no real records of it. The cess pool there appears to be intact as opposed to the one that caught the 1 separate bath which we were told collapsed and was filled in.
How do they calculate Head on these? max veritical height of my run is less than 8 ft, but it needs to pump the solids mostly horizontal (with a slight up angle approx. 30 ft across basement. There are brick interior walls and HVAC trunk lines that keep me from going in one general direction.
Ended up ordering a Little Giant Pit+Plus Jr. Its a short squat tank about 24x24 with 1/2 hp pump (manufacuturer said 4/10 would work as well but thought the extra 1/10 wouldn't hurt for the application). Thanks for the input.
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