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So I'm super excited! I went to a social for a family member and one of the prizes was for a stone circle fire pit ( Since i cant afford to spend over $200 to buy one I put in some tickets for the draw, well fast forward to the end of the night and my number was called! first thing i ever won at a social!

So here's my question I've never set one of these fire pits up before and don't want it to end up sinking into the ground and looking bad, so this is what the manufacturer recommends,

Excavate area approx. 5” below grade.

Excavate approx. 6” larger than
your actual kit dimensions to ensure
a stable base

Fill 4” with 3/4” limestone and

Level out 1” of sand and install kit
as per the instruction guide.

Is this a good plan to follow the manufacturers advise or is there a better idea? I took out a huge amount of stone out of my front flower bed, so i was planning on using that as my base than top it off with sand that i got from a job site i worked at.

Thanks for your help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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