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Setting up a 220V in the garage.

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Hi guys.
I bought a 220v air compressor. My breaker box is in the living room in the basement but i need a 220v plug in the garage. what will be the easiest way to put a 220v plug in the garage?
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Any power ran to the garage now?
100% sure the motors not 120/240 so it could be changed to run on 120 volts?
there is a few regular outlets in the garage.
The compressor is a 60gal 3.7hp not sure if it will work on 120V
the laundry is right next to the garage tho just a wall separating it, would i be able to run another outlet from the dryer into the garage?
would i be able to run another outlet from the dryer into the garage?
No, the 240v dryer circuit must be dedicated.
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So what would be the easiest way to get 220v in the garage?
What about an extension cord running from the dryer to the garage?
You can't run an extension cord thru a wall. Nor are you to use them in place of permanent wiring.

You need to run a new circuit to the garage for the compressor.

If you anticipate future electrical growth in the garage, whether 120V or240V, I would consider running a feeder (larger than what you would run for the compressor) to a subpanel in the garage, then a circuit from the sub to compressor.
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Oso954's idea is the best so far.
By do it that way you would have enough amps to run even more machinery, add a 220 volt window A/C, run the lights on one circuit, outlets on another and not have the lights dimming and having to run inside the house if a breaker trips.
All the outlet wiring should have been on it's own ciruuit on a 20 amp breaker and be 12-2, with GFI protection.
What's your's?
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