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Howdy knowledgeable folks. We're in Montreal QC wrapping up landscaping after major house renos last year and I'm looking for advice on a wooden driveway gate in the plans. The driveway is paving stone, almost 11' across, from a brand new foundation on one side (which was back-filled entirely with gravel) and lined up with a cedar hedge on the other side. So the gate will be stand-alone between the house and the hedge, not part of a whole fence. (see image).

The planned posts are 10' 6x6 PT lumber dug 4' deep and both will be ON the driveway. I was thinking probably like a 6'-3' split for the gate, 5-6' high, with the long portion supported by a ground wheel (and staying mostly locked) to avoid unnecessary strain. The small gate will be used regularly. I'm about to set the posts and some points concern me:

1. The post near the house has gravel all the way down to the footing @ 6-7'. I obviously want it as close as possible to the foundation, but it can be attached to the house with a brace at the top. Should I set it in concrete (w/out a sonotube?) or just fill it back with gravel? Some online posts I read tout the benefits of not using concrete in hard soil (drainage mainly), but this is all-gravel so... :huh:

2. The "outer" post will be mostly in hard clay soil. So again, gravel base and concrete plug or layers of dirt/gravel for back-fill? I noticed it was getting windy here lately... :(

3. If concrete is the recommended path, any problems leaving it well below grade (in a little slope form for draining water away), given that I want the paving stones finished right up against the posts on the surface?

I'm basically a little nervous about the best way to set these huge posts given the gravel back-fill, surface finishing and stand-alone aspect... Any help is greatly appreciated.



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