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service at barn, sub at house?

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I have an unusual situation. I'm preparing to connect power to the premises for the first time. The Main disconnect and point of entry will be at the pole barn 40 ft from the power lines. The house, 200ft away from the barn and 240 ft from the pole, will be fed from the panel installed in the barn via 4 conductor 4ought Al already in place. Question is, do I need to install a full 30 breaker service panel at the barn where I don't need all those circuits?
And does the house panel then treated as a "subpanel" and wired accordingly?
Thanks for the help,
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Thanks for the advice, I hadn't considered the "trailer" type service panel. That seems the best way, I'll just have 220 for the welder and a couple of light and utility circuits in the barn. I'm not really looking forward to doing any more than the minimum business with the power company. The whole idea is to be able to fire up the welder and provide backup for the solar/wind system I've been using for the last 20 years. I may or may not decide to go the interconnect route with the power company.
Thanks again,
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