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septic tank

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where is the breather pipe to a septic tank and is it called something else
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where is the breather pipe to a septic tank or is it called something else .our tankis overflowing back into the house and before i tear up yard we were told we could run a snake in breather pipe to tank to see if it is clogged
It's called a ventilation stack. You'll have access to the pipe either in your attic or through your roof
How old a system is it?
Newer homes will have a clean out someplace near 4' of the fountation outside where it can be snaked out.
How long has it been since the tank was pumped out?
Septic tanks typically do not have a "breather". They generally have one or more manhole access points at the top. My tank has one manhole in the middle. You can sometimes run a snake from the house through the (typically) 4 inch sewage pipe that flows into the tank.

As for the reason your tank is overflowing, could be a blockage in the outlet tee, could be a bad distribution box, or could be a clogged field. You can always get the tank pumped out, this makes it possible to do some diagnostics on the tank, or you can dig up the distribution box to see if it is plugged or backed up, which often indicates a failed drain field.
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1st thing I would do is call a pumper to pump your tank. I'm guessing you have not had your tank pumped in the last 5 years. The pumper should be able to locate your access cover, tell if your baffles are in good condition, if you have a clog in your line from the house to the tank or if you have a problem after the tank. Problems after tank could be clogged line from tank to D-box, clogged D-box or failed drain field. The reason for calling the pumper 1st is your tank is probably full of solids which is causing the back up & they can help guide you to solve your problem if it is not full of solids. A septic tank should be pumped every 2-5 years depending on use.
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