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Septic tank core sampler

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Is it worth the investment to buy a core sampler?
My home built in 74.
3 bed 2 1/2 bath home.
Concrete septic tank.
I had new risers and everything inspected and pump 3 years ago all good.
I check yesterday with 2x4 mark for every foot.
At entrance lid.
3 feet from bottom of tank to top foam layer.
Another roughly 6 inches intake pipe to top of foam.
Based on feel roughly 6 inches of sludge at bottom
Read 25 to 33% sludge have pump.

Is core sampler rentable tool?
Online $120 to $170.
I tried to piece parts on amazon but i was suprized clear pvc was $50 for 8 ft.
Id hate to gather parts and not come out working and wish i would have bought one made up.
If i plan on staying in the home for atleast 8 more years possibly 15 years i dont think be bad tool to have.

What is everyone's thoughts?
Thank you for any inputs.
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I've looked at those tools. Decided they weren't necessary.
Scum layer is easy to measure just by carefully scooping it out.
Sludge layer is also easy to measure, it's the difference between
the depth to bottom, measured with any narrow rod/pipe, and
the distance to top of sludge, measured with any pipe etc with
a "foot" attached to it. If the foot is even a half a square foot
you'll easily fell the sludge and not penetrate it more than slightly.

BTW, I'm big believer in measuring sludge and scum and having
tank(s) pumped when they need it, not on a schedule.

If it's newer tank it'll also have an outflow filter. Clean that while
you're there.

EDIT: Here's a good resource:
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