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Hey Folks!

I purchased a home at the end of last year which has a JET septic tank system. I had a local vendor out today to do an inspection of the system and to explain the operation and required maintenance, as this is my first home on a septic.

As far as I understand I have two tanks with a concrete wall in between them, one collects the solids and the other allows the liquid to flow into the tank with the Jet Aerator Pump.

The vendor advised that the Jet Aerator Pump is no longer functioning in that while it is running and stirring, that no air is entering through the air inlet. He advised that my pump is the old style which does not allow for a rod to be put clear through to ensure there is no blockage. I was quoted approximately $695.00 for a new aerator pump.

My question is this:

It seemed to me that the pump literally just sits down inside the opening and plugs into the plug sitting under my cover. Is this something I can replace myself?

I found the Ultra-Air Model 375 online for only $395. It appears to be the exact same function as the 25+ year old one that I already have.

Is there any reason I couldn't purchase this pump for $395.00 and put in it in order to save myself the $300?

Thanks for any insight you all can provide!
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