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Quick background... I've been subbing out some jobs around the house trying to fix it up. I basically know nothing about construction work. I'm hiring licensed contractors.

I've had an old bar removed in a game room. Strange, this is the room where the plumbing clean-outs for the house are found. The game room was added on and the clean-outs were not moved about 28 years ago. The clean-outs were pretty ugly. So, when I had the tile torn out in the game room I decided to have the clean-outs covered with the laminate flooring. In order to cover them, the plumber had to bang out the caps that closed them. (The caps were really stuck on well.) The pipes are now below the surface of the floor level and new flat caps have been applied. The flooring guy states the metal covers were screwed on in place before the laminate was installed. (I thought maybe the little screw holes were allowing air to get into the pipe.)

The problems... One of the bathrooms has a footed tub. I notice the drain is dry sometimes. (I'm not sure if it was or was not dry before the remodel. I never looked because there was no reason to.) I'm smelling yucky septic odor once in awhile in the bathroom. The odor is a new problem since we've remodeled the game room. When I drain the bathtub I also hear a difference. Kind-of a hollow sound, maybe. This sound is new since the remodel. Once in awhile I smell septic odor in the game room. I know, I should have never covered those clean-outs, but they were so ugly. I'm on a super tight budget or I would have had the clean-outs plumbed to the outside.

I know I should call the plumber back, but I want some thoughts. The plumber I used does not have a camera for drains. Should I call a plumber with a camera or is this a problem that can be solved with regular plumber knowledge?

I'm on a septic tank system that is about 36 years old.

I've rambled enough. Any suggestions?
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