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there is a switch(tiny button, mounted right over the burners) that is connected to what i believe is the vacumm sensor(its round). the switch keeps tripping. sometimes it can go a month without tripping, but most of the time it trips just 10 minutes after running. you just press it in and can start up the furnace again. I checked the exhaust/ motor, and it was still running after the unit tripped again. before it had tripped yesterday, the heater was running for a good month, i went to check it and the vacuum hose to the exhaust fan came off and thought this was the problem. reconnected the hose, reset the switch and started it up. 10 minutes later it shut off again.

Could this be a bad vacuum sensor? id like to get some more input before i go on top of the roof again. ill check the vacuum sensor with a multimeter.

Edit: the switch is a "roll out switch" any idea what the problem is? thanks
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