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Sensisble to request ice & water shield on whole roof?

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Does it make sense to request ice & water shield throughout whole roof for underlayment instead of 2 layers of felt paper, for asphalt shingle roof.

Part of the roof is low pitch 2:12 (with rest at 4:12), and roofer bids either don't specify using the ice & water shield or only at parts of the roof. I assume whole roof means more $, don't know how much more. Just wondering if it was ever abnormal to request it for the whole roof.

My local is northern California, if that matters.
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A 2-12 pitch is the absolute minimum for most shingles.
You would be far better off to concider another form of roofing on that low a slope.
EPDM, metal, there's also several other types that would work out far better.
I think that I & W on the whole roof would be a waste of your money. In your location, I would question the need for I$W anywhere on the roof as you do not get any snow to worry about ice damming.

Joe is correct about the low slope roof.

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thanks I'll bear your comments in mind.
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