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Hello all,
I'm an ex-leak detector and repair plumbing and general contractor turned DIY because who else is going to install cedar shingles and integrate never before lain step flashing and asphalt shingle replacement after underlayment? No body because that's two sub contractors minimum.
I want the shingles to look professional, and I'm working in a tight space under an eave. Here's what I'm replacing, 3/8" 1969 redwood shiplap that never had a backing board or transition from wall to roof flashing installed. Instead they used 60 lb. felt which did what? That's right, rotted. I'd post photos, but they're on my desk top and I can't get to them from here. So, here's the new model stapler from Senco for cedar shingle install. Good price, no sales tax, free shipping, and free is a price we can all live with.
Here's that Senco cedar shingle stapler. Pretty much dedicated to a 7/16" crown and 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 staples.
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