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Self Stick Vinyl Tile for Backsplash Issues

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The self-stick vinyl tile being used as a kitchen backsplash will not stay stuck to the wall, even after the wall was primed using the product recommended by the seller of the tiles. What can I use to get the tiles to stay stuck??
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And you degreased the whole area and lightly sanded it before applying, right.
If it was mine I never would have even tryed using stick it up and hope for the best tiles.
I've just seen way to any peel and sticks fail. One of those things that sounds good on paper.

Peel & Stik floor tiles will not stick vertically, it's not made for that. The adhesive is pressure sensitive and requires its own weight to bond. Bad idea to use it on walls.

If you still want to use it, get a thick adhesive like cove base adhesive. That will work, but I still think it's not a good idea especially behind the range.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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