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Self leveling compound advice

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About ten weeks ago I put in a floating solid bamboo floor. Looks great, but I failed to prep the subfloor to the strict tolerances required by the manufacturer. I thought I could live with a few soft spots, but they aren't getting any easier to live with. I think at this point I'm going to tear up some of the floor and attempt a self leveling compound.
My questions are:
1. If I'm not quite up to this due to time constraints, what do you think a decent price from a contractor would ballpark at? Just doing a few spots of compound, I'd do the tear out, re-install of the floor.
2. Are these products you can typically do in just a few places in a room, over plywood subfloor?
3. How messy does this stuff get?

Thanks for any and all advice.
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If you have the time to remove the flooring and reinstall it you can surely also do the leveler and not have to pay someone.

You could have just used 30 lb roofing felt to fill the low spots.
You could have just used 30 lb roofing felt to fill the low spots.

I actually have ripped it out once in some areas and tried using paper as a filler for this technique, but it seems to just create bumps instead. I'll try this instead. I assume the technique is the same, maybe just take more time to try it again, not let my wife rush me this time. I've also heard roof shingles are good for this purpose?
Oh, forgot to mention, part of my problem is over sheet vinyl. Will the compound set on vinyl? Or are shingles/felt the way to go?
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