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Self Contained Mobile Home light switch 3 Bundle (pics included)

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I've watched videos and have seen other threads on here on how to complete this task if there are 2 bundles, but I have 3 bundles?
This Switch is located in the hallway
They all appear to be fed from the cieling with two coming from the same direction but one seems to be coming more from the side. Maybe running to the bedroom switch in the other room? Each bundle contains the black, white, and copper ground.

So how would I wire this to a new standard switch? If this were just normal 2 bundles I know what to do but what to do with bundle 3? Do I put the two blacks together that seem to be coming from the ceiling on one terminal and then the other by itself as it is currently? :vs_worry: cap the whites all together, then cap the grounds together and then pigtail to the ground screw on the new switch?

I already have the blue old workbox to put into the wall once I remove the self contained switch.

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posting them in next post I guess since the forum settings do not allow image links on the first post.
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Position and directions of bundles in the wall. The two together are wired into the bottom of the switch (shown on right side of inside of switch image)

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Current wiring in self contained switch

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Awesome thank you! Will check them and see what they test at and wire appropriately.
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