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selecting an electric water heater

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Hello all. i am in need of a little help on the best water heater to buy for the money.

right now, i have an A.O. Smith water heater.
50gallon, 53-1/2" in height

i realize AO Smith is one of the top water heater brands but at this current time, i cannot afford to replace our old water heater with the same brand.

i am looking at Home Depot and see a couple in the 50 gallon range and they are being classified as 50 gallon tall and 50 gallon.

the 50 gallon tall is about 4 inches higher than what i have now and the 50 gallon regular is about 6" shorter than what i have now.

what route should i go? s the warranty time that critical? they come in 6/9/12 year.

any advice?

thank you in advance
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Water heaters will have specs related to efficiency and recovery rates. Find one that meets your recovery rate needs and then make you decision based on cost vs. efficiency and warranty. I am convinced the only difference between a 5 year warranty and a 15 year warranty is the warranty... Unless you are going to an instantaneous heater or high efficiency you will find little difference if any in quality.

For what it’s worth I usually go for the least expensive with a 10 year warranty.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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