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selecting an electric water heater

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Hello all. i am in need of a little help on the best water heater to buy for the money.

right now, i have an A.O. Smith water heater.
50gallon, 53-1/2" in height

i realize AO Smith is one of the top water heater brands but at this current time, i cannot afford to replace our old water heater with the same brand.

i am looking at Home Depot and see a couple in the 50 gallon range and they are being classified as 50 gallon tall and 50 gallon.

the 50 gallon tall is about 4 inches higher than what i have now and the 50 gallon regular is about 6" shorter than what i have now.

what route should i go? s the warranty time that critical? they come in 6/9/12 year.

any advice?

thank you in advance
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As stated above, there are only about 3 or 4 factories in the whole US that make water heaters. I do electrical work for one of them occasionally. One day they'll be making Ruud, later it's Rheem, next trip out it'll be something else.

Tall or short depends on the space you have to put it in, as well as water and electrical connections.

With the more expensive ones, you're usually paying at least some for the name. The real value is in the insulation. This is usually reflected in the cost per year to operate. Insulation makes the most difference if the unit is located in a cold area. Like a garage. If it's inside of a house, there's not much difference between any of them.

The only difference between short and tall is the space it fits in, and the cost. If it'll fit, use the least expensive one.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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