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Seepage into yard from driveway.

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Hi, new here. Just bought my first house and am running through trying to trouble shoot things and have ran into a big issue. Due to a spring under on our property somewhere our sump runs a ton, and being on a small, relatively flat lot we don’t have a good place to go. With rains and thawing this spring it mostly just runs into and floods the neighbors back yard.

After having 3 foundation guys out here the best answer I got was reroute to the driveway and let it carry the water to the road gutters and away. So until I can do some major regrading that’s what I’m doing. Problem I am having is as it runs down the driveway the last concrete section is ever so slightly higher, maybe a 1/4 inch if that, and that makes the water reroute into the yard. No a huge deal at the moment. It’s really dry, but when it rains heavy I have seen this run up to 170 gallons/hour through my sump pump. What I am looking for is a way to stop the seepage. I had 2 thoughts.

#1. Lay a pipe next to the driveway way. Problem is there isn’t much slope 7” over 75ft and I’m worried about the pipe freezing.

#2 is using metal landscape edging along the drive way and seal with glue and silicone sealant against the drive way, leave 1/2”-1” above the concrete to stop the seepage and let the water flow down the driveway. Problems I see here is it working at all and, every time someone comes over if they get a wheel off the driveway I will more than likely have to fix it. Also this winter would be an ice rink in my driveway but I can deal for a season.

I am hoping this is a kind of 1 year deal and getting regrading done and having an engineer out to really put together a good solution next spring. I am putting it off because I would like to have a year under my belt with the problem so I know what to expect from season to season. Also we had record setting amounts of rain last summer so our water table is still high from that according to the foundation guys. Also, we have a vacant lot next to us that we are trying to buy so if that happens that would give us a possible extra option when it comes to dealing with this issue. So on short what can I do in the short term to deal with the seepage? Would either of my ideas work?
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By "seepage" you mean stopping water running down the driveway from going into the grass? So the grass (the dirt crown) is lower than the driveway and you're concerned with wet soil during non-rain times?

Guessing 170ga/hr at peak is only a pump every 1.5minutes or so. You must have some slope somewhere rather than a completely flat lot, you said it runs to your neighbor, so can you reduce the end of pipe back to give the water more room to soak into the ground (for non-rain times), or just move the end to an opposite part of the yard (to reduce his peak time flooding)?

I wouldn't bother with building a gutter, where does the water from a rain on the driveway go to now, it must be sloped to street some? Can you just run a pipe to the apron to avoid the lip and standing driveway water? Does your AHJ allow dumping into the street?

In the winter sometimes you have to do a different route to avoid freezing in a long pipe. Would it matter to just dump it into the yard then since it is not really being used?
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