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Hi everyone. Newbie here!

Forgive me if this first post is long but I rather be thorough than to write a one liner no one will understand.

I purchased a house two years ago, it's a bungalow constructed in 1976. I decided it was time to remove all the walls and ceilings in garage and basement which started out mostly because the insulation is extremely poor and non existent in some areas. I'm also making a home theater as well in the process...I figured heck I deserve it!

To put you in perspective however I need to state the way the house is built. The basement includes the double garage and is simply separated by a simple non load bearing wall except for a very small section. In the garage the load is one gigantic square beam that rests on the foundation and on the other side it is supported by six 2x4. From those 2x4 starts the other wall on the other side of basement. Hope that makes sense? Basically a large rectangle with support left to right.

In this other half of the basement, they had two openings in this load bearing wall, one to walk through and the other for a small bar (yes the 70s!).

The whole thing however was not aligned and looked weird to me. When I removed all the drywall it all made sense. Along the way someone removed the bar and decided to really open up the rest of the wall. Scared or not knowing exactly how, instead of building a temporary wall and dealing with it, they took some headers and two metal posts and stuck it right in front of the load bearing wall and then broke off (yes broke off the wood was ripped to shred and not even cut) the 2x4s of the load bearing wall.

Since I am building a wall exactly there and need a double door opening for my Home Theater which fit perfectly where the old bar opening use to be, I figured it solves my problems, i will simply rebuild the original load bearing wall. So I've cleaned up the broken off wood and prepared to restore it. I figured once restored i will simply remove the atrocity they built which should originally have been a temporary wall.

As mentioned this is a 1976 construction. As you can see it's not necessarily up to code with six 2x4s holding a huge beam on one side. The original load bearing wall on the other side that I am rebuilding spans 20 feet, and from the original pencil marks every 16 inches OC, just as a standard wall.

So if I wanted to upgrade it a little and make it that much stronger, would there be a point to either:

A) Doubling the wall (another wall of 2x4 and attaching plywood pieces between the two like an exterior wall

B) Just doubling the 2x4 making it essentially a 4x4, any point to that?

C) Leave it as is or any other suggestions?

I'm not removing or planning to make anything different so I was not going to call in an engineer. I simply want to fix what someone broke and add a little extra while I'm at it so wanted some feedback from other DIYs.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

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Post a picture when you can so we can see what your seeing or were all going to be guessing.
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