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See Picture - To what Level pour slab?

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I am adding a concrete floor size 20 X 30 feet with footing behind my home so that I can add a sun room. See picture below; my problem is that the dirt is almost 1 foot below my door at the back. If I pour concrete at the ground level, I need add a step at the door, which I don’t like. We don’t like the idea of having to step down immediately after opening the door.

On the other hand, If I raise the concrete floor by a foot, than the concrete floor will butt with the siding. Is this allowed? My concern is, later if I want to remove the siding, the bottom two siding will be beneath the concrete floor, so can't me removed. Your suggestion is appreciated.
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Instead of concrete pour a footer around the edge
Then build a framed floor & insulate it

Or pull the siding off in advance & add baseboard trim once the sunroom is completed
I made my sunroom floor even with the room inside
I then put in LVL beams & opened the wall between the 2 rooms

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do not pour the concrete against the sill or house. Im dealing with that nightmare. The previous owner had done this and it destroyed the sill and, stud and joist ends. Concrete should not contact the wood in that manner. I would do as previously suggested. Frame a new floor ontop of a pad or footing.

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They have a membrane (nervestrave)s.p., that will protect the wood. But, you will add about 16-20 yards of fill plus the slab, judging by the fall of ground. Plus a foundation. That's a lot of work. For a foundation with crawl space, you'll need to pullout about 18" under the floor joists from top of mud sill down. You're almost there. Much easier, I think. Course, all is naught, till you get your permit. Be safe, G
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